8 Moon Phases & The Birth Year

It is widely understood that women have a direct correlation with the beautiful cycle of the moon. Our menstruation and the rhythmic pattern of the 28 day cycle of the moon phases directly coincide. Have you ever wondered why? I believe it is just a statement from our divine creator to remind us of our incredible strength. When you consider that the moon controls the tides of the earth, it makes you wonder what the impact of the woman has on a culture. 

Let’s unlock how the 8 Moon Phases directly correlate with the transition from maiden to motherhood in the birth year.  

New Moon- Renewal

While a woman is living in this time, she is menstruating. Allowing for new beginnings to start yet again. The moon is technically considered ‘un-illuminated.’ This allows time for self-care and introspection. While no light is shining on her directly, she can really work towards establishing identity within oneself. This will manifest itself as strong roots for the future. 

Waxing Moon- Intention 

First Trimester (Weeks 1-13) of pregnancy. This is the time we really allow ourselves to understand what we want to accomplish during this journey. We establish goals and find intent for each day. It may start with taking prenatal vitamins or begin the research in fiding a health care provider that is a good fit for you. While your fetus starts to develop things like bones and organs it is just as important for you to make sure your needs are taken care both mentally and physically each day. Keep a journal and start your day with gratitude.  

First Quarter Moon - Challenges 

Second Trimester (Weeks 14-27) of pregnancy. This can look and feel different to everyone. There are major changes happening during fetal development which means you also are effected by these changes. You may be experiencing difficulty sleeping, which then effects your mood. Make sure to have a routine established. Eat well and exercise to keep sleep cycle consistent and mood regular. You can also use essential oils like lavender on your third eye or as a pillow mist to allow yourself to find slumber. These small additions will make any challenges that arise that much easier to tackle. 

Waxing Gibbous - Refinement

Third Trimester (Weeks 28-40) of pregnancy. Time to really settle back into your intention. What was it that you set your intention for? How has it changed? Really take the time to ‘nest’ as some would say. Allow yourself to create a space you want to be in once you have a little one to bring home. Ask for help. Don’t forget to educate yourself on the labor process and what to expect postpartum. Use valuable and accredited resources. This is the time to make sure you can fully live out your intention to the fullest. It will make a difference in your postpartum self. 

Full Moon - Harvest

Birth. Oh what a glorious day. You’ve worked so hard to arrive at this very moment of meeting your beautiful baby. Time to bask in the moment and let everything sink in. This is your harvest. Every harvest has a ritual. What is yours?

Waning Gibbous - Gratitude

Fourth Trimester (Weeks 1-12) post birth, we will exam this in two phases. Lets look at weeks 1-6 in this section. These are the moments when everything seems chaotic but what will bring you the most contentment is to find gratitude in each moment. When she smiles for the first time or laughs. How you see her growing stronger. These 12 weeks, overall will allow you to heal your womb. Schedule a sealing ceremony and learn the technique of bengkung binding for your transition process. You will learn that not everything is going to be okay- and that is okay! Just remember to love yourself. Thank yourself for everything you accomplish, even if that means just brushing your teeth.If you feel like after the first 10 days, you have deeper feelings that don ‘t allow you to feel gratitude, then we need to seek further attention. 

Last Quarter - Release

Fourth Trimester continued (Weeks 7-12) post birth. The emotions are real. Allow them to be present, acknowledge them, and them let them pass. Release what you have been holding onto. The expectations you had of parenthood or that laundry would actually get done. Just let it go. If you haven’t purchased one yet, invest in a rebozo. Wearing your child with your hands free to move is an additional release technique that empowers you to have your routine reestablished while still caring for your newborn. Release can also mean relinquishing some of your new motherly duties onto someone else. Allow yourself time to do things that are important to you. Find something to do; create, exercise, or take a nap! 

Waning Crescent - Surrender

Week 52- Re-assimilation. Fulling accepting new role as a mother. After going through the birth year- this is it. The time to fully re-immerse yourself into life as you knew if before. Things may look and feel different now. But guess what? You aren’t alone. There is a sisterhood of other women out there that want to love and support you. Remember what vulnerability has brought to your life? A beautiful baby. Allow yourself to fully surrender into vulnerability and see what the universe provides. You are going to be working toward maintaining your regular menstrual cycle. With the regularity established you will then transition once more into the ‘New Moon’ phase, which is renewal. You got this mama!

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