Dearest friend -

I’m Jana and I have been guiding women towards self love since 2012. 

It started in the world of hair and makeup, then transitioned into the glamorous life of boudoir photography. I loved every minute of it! Each day was filled with uplifting sentiments from women feeling reinvigorated for life. As I’ve grown older, I started to value more of the internal empowerment of a women. It’s what inspires me! 

I believe we are all connected though the ability to expericence the divine feminine energy of this world, but we can often under estimate the power of our collective minds. We are a sisterhood meant to empower each other, so let’s get back to our roots.

When I’m not working with you, I have a passion for the garden! Growing our own food and harvesting the medicine nature has to provide us is a gift. I continue to study and educate myself through herbalism. The use of essential oils is vital for my everyday life. Beginning the day with an herbal tea and a practice of gratitude keeps me grounded. It’s the small things in life!

I’m eager to get to know you on a personal level and work with you in overcoming fears and anxieties surrounding your birth experience and to make sure all voices are heard and considered.

With deep gratitude-
Jana Divis

a doula's heart

Ντούλα: The word “doula” comes from ancient Greek, meaning “Woman’s servant.”

What an amazing gift to be a servant to other women! I have always felt that it was my calling to bring joy and life with me wherever I roam, and now I feel secure in knowing my dharma, my true purpose in this life – I’m here to remind you that you are: powerful, wise, instinctual, divine, perfectly designed for this. I am here for you! It is your body, your choice, and I’m here to make sure you are informed and heard, sister!

During birth, we are privy to a divine transformation right before our eyes. The physicality of labor requires the lion-heart within us to come forth, and as we progress deeper and deeper into that journey we experience the full fierceness of womanhood. And as the womb presents you with your child, the transformation of self is complete as the gentleness of motherhood sweeps over you. It is a true honor to bear witness to one of nature’s greatest miracles and my mission is to empower you to embrace that transformation to the fullest. 

As women, we are here to support and love one another. There is power with us to change the world.

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