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If you have any additional questions please feel free to send me an email, I would love to connect with you. 
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Lets start by defining the term ‘doula’. In Greek, it literally means “servant.” 
What an amazing gift to be a servant to other women!
My primary focus is to give you continuous support throughout labor. Your primary care provider will check on you periodically. If you have a Midwife, she will be present but is primarily there to ensure the safe and healthy delivery of your baby. 
My job, as a doula, is to be by your side throughout the entire process! Yes girl, the whole time! Partners of course, will be supporting you throughout. But guess what? I support you both! How amazing is that?! My goal as a doula is to provide exceptional loving support to you and your support person as you transition into parenthood. 

Yes. A doula is there as an unbiased support person. My primary motivation is to ensure that this pivotal moment occurs as you have imagined it! 

Some people have a voice that is not heard in a big support group or even a small one. Others do not have a local support group established. 
A recent study showed that women with companions (not hospital staff or women’s social network) were; 28% less likely ro have a cesarean, 31% less likey to use synthetic oxytocin (pitocin) to speed up labor, 9% less likely to use any pain medication, and 34% less likely to rate their childbirth experience negatively (Hodnett and colleagues 2011). 
Support looks like love! I have made a short list of my favorites: Birthing positions, my Rebozo, the art of breathing, use of essential oils, and lets not underestimate the magical power of touch! 

Education- Knowledge is power, am I right? I want to give you the emPOWERment of knowledge throughout this transformative process. I have attended Bastyr University’s DONA Certified training with Penny Simpkin, a renound leader in the doula & birth community. I truly believe the education provided to me through Kim James and Laurie Levy has been exceptional. One of my biggest takeaways was informed consent. It is your body, your choice, and I’m here to make sure you are informed and heard, sister! 

I primarily serve in the Wenatchee area. I’m willing to provide services to other areas at an additional rate. Rate depends on distance which will be charged at an hourly rate plus mileage. 

Sessions can be provided via teleconference or in person consultation – free of charge!

I do not bill directly to insurance. Check with your provider to see if having a doula is a service they cover. I will provide a receipt upon payment in full. You may then submit a claim for reimbursement.

Yes! I always like to have a meeting before you decide. We will be working very intimately and I want to ensure you are comfortable with the decision you have made.

During prenatal meetings we will curate a birth plan and work on goal and intention setting pre birth. Post natal meetings will consist primarily of wellness check on you and baby. I also provide a meal at each one, with light house keeping and any other duties you would like. All meetings are about an hour each. 

Your birth plan is a custom outline on your personal preferences on the execution of your labor and post labor care. For example; medicated/ non medicated, cesarian, vaginal, delayed cord clamping, baby placement post birth, bottle feed or breast feed, etc. As a team we will create a plan and talk about alternative outcomes. The plan is intended to be followed so that your values are not compromised but there is always room for adjustment- you are the one in control! 

Rest assured that I will make every effort to be with you through the labor and birth. However, unforeseen circumstances do arise so I will have a backup doula on standby, if needed. 

I’m available via phone and email leading up to labor. Please keep in mind that some family events or other engagements may not make me readily available but I will make sure to disclose that information when relevant. 

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